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Cruelty Free Life Choices and Guilt Free Cooking

Welcome to my hobby.
I have been Vegan for a solid 4 Years and made the change from Carnist to Vegan as it was in fact, the horrific levels of abuse in the Dairy and Egg industries that made me just admit to myself that this is not acceptable, and I will no longer support them. This obviously meant a change in lifestyle and removal of all animal products from my life. 

That change has obviously guided my cooking and I have had to get creative so that food is not boring. I have been baking Sourdough for about 6 years and have since developed a keen interest in Vegan Cuisine. I enjoy mucking around in the kitchen and if something peaks my interest, I am damn sure gonna give it a go. Some of my favourite recipes are happy accidents like my Courgette & Lemon Pickle Curry and my Peanut & Coconut Tofu Curry.

I have certainly felt and reaped the benefits from being Vegan in both my physical health and mental well being and will not lie, there are days where I crave bacon or cheese, but then I just make an alternative that satisfies the craving and does not include exacting violence on an animal.

I hope you enjoy this site and choose to make the same choices, if not now, then eventually. The only regret you will have, is the choice you have not yet made.

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"I only wish I had become Vegan sooner"

Every Vegan Ever

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Interested in learning more about me, my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Feel free to reach out anytime, I would be more than happy to chat.

London, UK

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